Welcome to The Golden Goblet Class Wiki!

This is the class wiki of Ms. Stringfellow's 5th grade Language Arts classes.

The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw

golden-goblet.jpgWhat To Do Here

Each member of the class has been assigned a particular topic to contribute to the wiki. As we read the novel, make sure you are updating information related to your topic. ANYONE may view any topic or page, but the group assigned to it is ultimately responsible for making sure the information is added. Your participation in the wiki will be part of your Golden Goblet Folder grade at the end of the novel.

When assigned, you will need to post your reading notes to the Discussion tab at the top of the Home Page. Look for the four symbols (C, ?, *, and !) and note where you marked them and your thoughts.

To participate in this class wiki you may click on the Discussion tab from the Home page and share your comments and/or questions. To contribute to a page, click on the EDIT tab on the right side of the browser window. You may then add your text, images or other content. Do NOT add new section pages to the wiki without approving it with Ms. Stringfellow first. The school reserves the right to edit or remove any content deemed inappropriate. If you have any questions or need help, see Ms. Stringfellow.

Rules for Posting to Wiki Pages & Discussion Boards

  • Be polite and respectful in your posts - no inappropriate language or topics, no put-downs or bullying.
  • Stay on topic and say something that contributes to the discussion - "Hey wazzuuuup!" is not a post.
  • Use your best spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This will make the discussion easy to follow. Do not use IM abbreviations or spellings, like, "lol! what r u reading next?"
  • Cite the sources for all images you embed. Click here to use EasyBib for citations. See the examples below.

Posts that do not follow these rules will be deleted.

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