Study Questions for The Golden Goblet

Chapter 1

1. How did the death of his father cause Ranofer's life to take a tragic turn?
Ranofer would have been an apprentice of Zau's. He now has to live with his evil half-brother Gebu.

2. Why was Ranofer unhappy about his work?
He was unhappy about his work, because he didn't get to learn anything new, and he couldn't move up in his job he had to have the same job all his life, because of his evil half-brother Gebu.

Chapter 2

3. Why was Ranofer suspicious of Ibni?
He is suspicious because he is very strange and awkward, and he was acting very strange lately.

4. Why did the wounds on his back embarrass Ranofer?
They made him feel weak and pathetic.

5. Why did Ranofer worry that he had a part in the gold theft?
He thought he did because he thought that Ibni was giving him gold in the wine, and he was taking it away to Gebu.

6. How did Heqet's presence arouse feelings of jealousy in Ranofer?
Hequet had everything that Ranofer wanted because HE wanted to be an apprentice, and Heqet got to move up in his work.

7. Why wouldn't Ranofer tell Rekh about his suspicions?
He would have to reveal that he was part of the theft.

Chapter 2

How did Ranofer meet the Ancient?
He meet him in the bushes at the marshes.

Describe the encounter between Ranofer and Gebu when Ranofer reveals he knows what is the wineskin?
He tells him he knows not only wine is in the wineskin, but gold.

Explain the meaning of the quotation. "Hungry. Always, you are hungry.
Ranofer is always hungry because Gebu barely gives him any food, and it is never enough.

Chapter 3

8. How was Ranofer learning to be a goldsmith even though he did not have an apprenticeship?
He got to make the golden leaves for the necklace.

9. How was Ranofer able to work with gold?
He was allowed to make golden leaves for a necklace.

10. Why did Ranofer tell Ibni that Gebu no longer wanted his gifts?
He did because he didn't want to take the wineskins home, because he didn't want to be a thief.

11. What threats did Gebu make to Ranofer if he didn't deliver the wineskins?
He threatened to apprentice Ranofer to himself, as a stonecutter.

Chapter 4

12. Why did Ranofer visit his father's tomb?
He did because he wanted to thank his father for the idea over the night.

13. Why did Ranofer want Heqet to tell Rekh about the gold theft?
He thought Rekh wouldn't believe him, and he didn't have to turn himself in.

14. What uncharacteristic behavior did Gebu show toward Ranofer?
Gebu was nice to Ranofer, and gave him a copper

Chapter 5

15. What evidence showed that tomb robbing was a serious crime in ancient Egypt? According to the Egyptians' religious beliefs, why was this such a serious crime?
The tomb robbers were to be hung by their foot on the palace wall, and left to be picked apart by vultures. They believed that if the possessions were stolen, the ba would be poor. If the mummy was disturbed, the ba would not be able to recognize it and the ba would be homeless, and die.

16. How do you know Rekh believed Heqet's information about Ibni?
Ibni was fired from the goldshop, and was not there the next day.

17. Why did Ranofer's relief at Ibni's betrayal by Gebu turn to despair?
Ranofer became apprenticed to Gebu, at the stonecutting shop.

Chapter 6

18. Why did Ranofer have trouble keeping his mind on his work in the stonecutting shop?
The work was very monotonous and boring.

19. Why didn't Ranofer want to apprentice as a stonecutter?
He wanted to work at the gold shop, and the work at the stonecutting shop is boring, Pai is very mean to Ranofer and beats him with a stick if he misbehaves.

20. How had Gebu's behavior changed toward Ranofer since he first came to live with his half-brother?
Gebu was nice, and he gave Ranofer coppers. Gebu started to be nice but then after Ranofer started at the stonecutting shop and Gebu treated him like dirt.

21. Why was Ranofer puzzled by Gebu's wandering at night?
He thought that the rumbling was his daddy's ba, but know he thinks that it is Gebu, and if you go out at night the khefts are out their and Gebu wouldn't go out in the dark.

Chapter 7

22. Why did Ranofer feel self-conscious when he met Heqet?
He did because the cuts and dust made his life feel very low.

23. Why did Ranofer agree to meet Heqet each day at noon?
So that one day Ranofer could go back and become a goldsmith, and Heqet would tell him everything he learned during the day so far, so when Ranofer got back to the Gold Shop he would know everything and could start where Heqet is.

24. How did Heqet convince Ranofer to share his food?
He said that he could not enjoy his food if Ranofer was hungry.

Chapter 8

25. Why did Ranofer tell Heqet to stop sharing what he learned as an apprentice goldsmith?
You have to do something to learn it, and it made him hate stonecutting even more.

26. Why did the Ancient encourage Ranofer to accept his fate as a stonecutter?
He said that it is better than nothing, and that it fares well.

27. Why did Ranofer want to visit Zau, the Master Goldsmith?
He wanted to see if Zau would apprentice him. He also wanted to see his work.

28. Why didn't Zau immediately agree to take on Ranofer as an apprentice?
Zau does not take apprentices, and he thought Ranofer liked stonecutting.

Chapter 9

29. Why didn't Ranofer tell Gebu about his visit to Zau?
He would get beaten if Gebu knew. It would also mean he would have to quit the stone cutting shop.

30. Why was Ranofer suspicious of Gebu's more luxurious standard of living?
He thought that Gebu was stealing again.

31. Why did Ranofer conclude that he needed to spy on Gebu?
He needed proof of Gebu's stealing.

Chapter 10

32. What did the three "spies" learn after their first night on the job?
They learned nothing but useless stuff. It was like that because Gebu did not do anything evil.

33. How was Ranofer rescued from a snarling dog in a stranger's courtyard?
Heqet threw dom nuts at it.

34. Why did the Ancient do less spying during the time of the rising of the Nile?
Papyrus was in high demand, and he had to work more.

35. Why did Ranofer conclude that all the daytime spying was worthless?
He thought that Gebu was stealing at night.

36. Why did it take an act of extraordinary courage for Ranofer to follow Gebu at night?
There were khefts out at night.

37. Why didn't Ranofer gather information on the night he followed Gebu?
He got attacked by what he thought was a kheft, but it was really a cat.

38. Why was Ranofer willing to defy Gebu by visiting the upper room?
He was in the mood to defy all threats.

39. Why did Ranofer fear that Gebu would know he had discovered the goblet?
He broke the seal on the door.

Chapter 11

40. Why did Ranofer need to brave the dark streets once again in order to obtain a torch?
He thought there were khefts again.

41. Why did Ranofer thank the gods for barley beer?
He did because Gebu was so drunk he didn't notice the poorly mended seal.

42. Why was Ranofer worried about reporting Gebu for stealing the goblet?
He was because it would look like he stole it.

43. Why was Ranofer so upset to find the goblet gone from Gebu's box?
He couldn't turn Gebu in.

44. Why did Gebu and Setma argue, as reported by the Ancient.
Setma was charging more money to transport the stolen treasures,
but Gebu refused to pay more.

Chapter 12

45. Why did Heqet come looking for Ranofer?
He did it because he wanted to know what was happening with Ranofer.

46. How did Ranofer learn that Gebu had found another smuggler to help him?
Gebu said that there were more river captains then Setma.

47. Why did Ranofer lie to Heqet and the Ancient?
He did because he thought Heqet would try and do something like make spying plans.

Chapter 13

48. Why did it become extremely difficult and dangerous for Ranofer to follow Gebu?
He had to walk on a narrow ledge, where he could easily be seen.

49. Why didn't Ranofer feel alone in the Valley?
He didn't because there were bas floating around the valley.

50. What did Ranofer conclude about the small room on the scroll?
He thought it was a secret passage in to a tomb.

51. Why did Ranofer plunge into the crevice?
He did because a vulture/kheft scared him and he fell in.

52. Why did Heqet and the Ancient for go the Festival?
They did to try to find Ranofer.

Chapter 14

53. Why did Heqet and the Ancient decide to leave the Valley before they found Ranofer?
They did because there were so many tombs and they didn't see him, and thought he wasn't in one.

54. What surprised Ranofer about the interior of the tomb?
He thought that it looked like a home that someone would come home to any minute.

Chapter 15

55. How were Heqet and the Ancient able to help Ranofer when they reunited in the Valley?
They risked their lives to stand guard at the tomb.

56. Why did Ranofer worry that no one would listen to his story?
It didn't sound true, and he was only a young boy.

57. Why was Ranofer willing to risk danger to himself and his friends to enter the palace?
It was his only way to prove that Gebu and Wenamon were tomb robbers.

58. What evidence showed that Qa-nefer, a dwarf, was a powerful person in the palace?
He gave orders to the military captain.

Chapter 16

59. Why did the queen agree to test the truth of Ranofer's warning about the tomb robbers?
She did because because it was un-likely, but still possible. Queen Tiy also wanted to show her wisdom.

60. How did the queen reward Ranofer?
She asked Ranofer what he wanted mostly, and she gave what he wanted, which was a donkey.
He also got a set of gold working tools, rings for The Ancient and Heqet a shenti, and sandals with buckles.
The Queen bathed him, fed him, and treated all of Ranofer's wounds. She also apprenticed him to Zau,
and she said that the first necklace made by Zau's new pupil will belong to no one but herself.