The setting is the time and place in which a story takes place. Below is information about the setting of The Golden Goblet.


In Ancient Egypt, some time in the B.C. period.


Apprentices' Quarters- The place where Rekh's apprentices live, including Heqet.

Gebu's Courtyard- Ranofer sleeps here.

Gebu's House- Ranofer's place of terror. Gebu's room is upstairs. Ranofer's sleeps in the courtyard.

Gebu's Room- Ranofer finds the golden goblet in his half-brother's room.

Huaa and Tuaa's Tomb- Queen Tiy's parent's tomb. It looks more like a house than a tomb. This is the tomb Gebu and Wenamon try to rob.

Palace Walls- were the tomb robbers were hung by their feet.

Ranofer's Father's Tomb- Ranofer went there to give thank to his father for sending his ba to give Ranofer his plan.

Rekh's Gold Shop- this were Ranofer works.(Ranofer is not apprenticed. The work he does is janitor's work)

Stonecutting Shop- Where Ranofer was forced to be apprenticed to his evil half-brother, Gebu, a stonecutter

Storage Room- Were the food is kept. Ranofer goes in there often looking for something to eat.

Street of Good Fortune- Were Zau lives and works as a goldsmith.

Street of the Masons- The place were Wenamen lives. Ranofer follows Gebu there, one night while spying.

The City of the Dead- the poor western side of Thebes. It is called the City of the Dead because it is where all the possessions of the deceased Egyptians are made.

The Street of the Crooked Dog- the street where Gebu and Ranofer live.

The Street of the Goldsmiths-the street outside of Rekh's gold shop.

The Palace- Ranofer goes here to warn Queen Tiy about Gebu and Wenamon robbing the tomb of her parents. This is also where Ranofer changes his entire life.

The Place of the Broken Tree- Where Gebu met Wenamon for the tomb robbing. Close to the Valley of the tombs of the Kings.

The Thicket- Were Ranofer, Heqet and the Ancient meet at midday for lunch. They also talk about what they found by spying.

Valley of the Tombs of the Kings- Where all of the great ones are buried.