• Ra- the sun god

  • Osiris- god of the dead

  • Isis- the goddess of harvest

  • Anubis- the god of mummies

  • Thoth- the god of wisdom

  • Horus- the god of good health

  • Seth- the god of violence

  • Sobek- god of crocodiles

  • Nut- the god of the sky

  • Geb-the god of the earth


  • Shentis- white skirts that the young boys wear

  • Headdresses- cloth that is tied onto the head with a rope or some other cloth

  • Sandals

  • The boys at a certain age shave their head except one spot where they grow it long.


  • Younger ones call the older people starting with neb -which means lord and that you are giving respect.

  • Whenever people meet and they go their separate ways they always say "May your Ka be joyful".


  • Nelumbo Nuts- nuts that come from Nelumbo trees

  • Figs- a soft pear-shaped fruit

  • Onions

  • Bread

  • Lentils

  • Fish

  • Lotus Roots- the roots of a lotus that can be eaten raw or cooked

  • Cheese

  • Dates


Eye of Horus

  • Goldsmith- a person who works with gold

  • Stone Cutter- a person who shapes or carves stone

  • Scribe- a person who writes; 2 out of every 100 knows how to write

  • Vizier- a person who is the adviser for the Pharaoh

  • Stone Mason- a person who builds with stone

  • Potter-someone who makes pottery
  • Glass Cutter- cuts glass


  • Donkey
  • Dogs

  • Cats
  • Birds


  • High Nile Festival


Eye of Horus

  • || Eye of Horus ||

Superstitions They believe evil bas called kheftts come out at night an example is the lady with her head on backward who kidnaps kids unless the kids are wearing amulets and their mother puts a protecting spell on them

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