Main Characters

  • Ranofer- The main character of the book, a 12 year old boy. Ranofer worked as a gold worker. With the help of Heqet, Ranofer turned Ibni in for stealing gold. Unfortunately, when Ranofer caught Ibni and Gebu, Gebu made Ranofer work in the stonecutter's shop. Stonecutting is hard, backbreaking, dangerous, boring, fatiguing work that is very hard for Ranofer. Ranofer found a golden goblet in Gebu's room, and it has the name Thutmose on it, a pharoah from a hundred years ago. He thinks Gebu has been robbing a tomb! He trapped Gebu and Wenamon in a tomb and alerted the palace officials. Ranofer got rewards for saving the tomb. He got rewarded with what ever he wanted and he chose a donkey.
  • Heqet- An apprentice of Rekh. Heqet helped Ranofer catch the gold thief. Ranofer didn't turn him in himself because Heqet was innocent. Heqet still works as an apprentice. He and Ranofer meet at noon everyday so Heqet can teach Ranofer what he learns.
  • Ancient-An old man that Ranofer meets in the papyrus thicket and during the hanging of tomb robbers. He has a donkey and meets with Heqet and Ranofer in the thicket by the river where his donkey is nested.
  • Gebu- Ranofer's guardian and evil half brother. Gebu was at one point generous and gave Ranofer coppers for food. Then Ibni got caught. Ranofer suddenly became a stonecutter's apprentice. Gebu is the master stone cutter. Gebu often hangs around with Wenamon and Setma. Recently, Gebu has abandoned Setma. Now he has magnificent clothes and Ranofer is very suspicious of Gebu being a tomb robber. Also, there was a golden goblet that was more beautiful than the sun in Gebu's room.
  • Wenamon-One of Gebu's friends who Ranofer is sure has the evil eye. Has silent cat feet, wears long cloak, and is lank and stoop shouldered.
  • Thutra- Ranofer's dad, a very fine gold smith, and a friend of Zau.
  • Zau- Master of handling gold, the best goldsmith in all of Thebes(In Egypt). When Ranofer went up to Zau's house, Zau told him to reshape his life. Honored by the King of Egypt for his work.
  • Queen Tiy- Pharaoh's wife.
  • Pharaoh- Ruler of all Egypt. Husband to Queen Tiy.

Minor Characters
  • Sata-The first craftsman at the gold shop.
  • Hapia'o- Employee at the gold shop.
  • Abhi-Golden bracelet maker at the gold shop.
  • Zoser-Golden thread maker at the gold shop.
  • Setma-The Nile-boat captain and Gebu's friend until recently, when they had a fight.
  • Myrna- A goldworker in Rekh's shop.
  • Geryt- An apprentice to Rekh at the gold shop.
  • Hotepek- An apprentice to Rekh, a friend to Ranofer,and the scribe.
  • Meryra- An Apprentice to Rekh and works with Gold, but is a novice.
  • Pai- A mean stonecutter who beats people with a stick if they aren't doing the work properly or aren't behaving.
  • Nebre- Pai's other apprentice, and very silent.
  • Zahotep- Very old member of the stone cutting shop also very nice. He has one finger cut to the knuckle, and one hand is flat.
  • Ibni- Suspicious man, and a thief. He stole the gold from Rekh's gold shop with the help of Ranofer. He hid the gold in wine skins for Ranofer to deliver to Gebu. He was fired after Heqet told Rekh about his theft and was dismissed by Gebu.
  • Rekh- Master goldsmith, Ranofer's old kindly employer.
  • Huaa- father of Queen Tiy.
  • Tuaa- mother of Queen Tiy.
  • Qa-Nefer- Dwarf and favorite pet of Queen Tiy. Enjoys giving orders to people taller than him.